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Countdown to kings and Queens Contest

Tuesday, September 30th @ 6:59am

The contest ends day 30 /September…


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Manip Academy 11: Tips for Hair

Mon Sep 8, 2014, 10:27 PM

Welcome to Manip Academy!

Cut Hair with Background Erase Tool

  • Select the Background Erase Tool

  • Select the options below, the tolerance depends on each photo.

  • this technique to cut hair, works only for clean backgrounds and with a single color.

see some examples below:

Brush Tips

  • My Brush tips, are Brush present in Photoshop CC.

I usually use brush present in photoshop to do my hair, specifically these two:

Brush > Soft Round Pressure Size or Flat Angle Low Bristle Count.


and always before starting to paint hair, select Pen Pressure on the brush configurations.

Simple Tips - How to Paint the Hair

I use wacom to do my hair, so the tutorials below are made ​​with wacom and done for people who use tablet if you use mouse to do your hair, you can do the wires with Pen Tool, the result will be a bit different, but the process is the same.

This image below shows the simple process of a hair, using simple brush of Photoshop.
you start with dark colors and finishes with light colors.

simple tip with mouse from my brother whendel.
Basic Hair Tutorial by Whendell

Tutorial - Simple Red Hair

I will show you a simple technique, because the hair is not 100% painted, a technique that I use in my work.

video process here:…

Step 1-
 'll change the hair color, the color you choose, I'll do the hair with red tone.
changed with color balance, but the base has to be a little dark, then darkened and put more contrast.
Step 2-
and the first wires painted with a dark color.

Step 3 - 4:
start putting color in hair, wired with the color you want the hair, and at this stage I used the brush Flat Angle Low Bristle Count.
Step 5:
from now, I'll use the Soft Round Pressure Size brush to make the wires (in a small size, the size of the brush depends on each image.). and I will start using a light color to make the lighting on the hair.

Step 6 - 7:
continue using the previous brush, and making light wires, with different light colors for hair to have movement and look more realistic.

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