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Please Read the Rules

Welcome :heart:

This group is dedicated to Digital Art, especially Photomanipulation


:bulletblue: Are accepted: Digital Artwork , Stocks and Tutorials.

:bulletblue: You can submit 1 submissions per day.

:bulletblue: Submit your works into the correct folders.

:bulletblue: Give credit to all the stock you use , with direct link, because we have to check if the stock used is legitimate,
if you used purchased stocks also have to credit with direct links.

:bulletblue: We accept all kinds of stocks, but Premades and PNG, only with sufficient information in description proves that the source is legitimate.

:bulletblue: If you realize that we accept a job or artist plagiarism, let us know, because we do not promote plagiarists.

Your submission will be DECLINED

:bulletred: If you do not put direct links to the stocks used.

:bulletred: If you use in your submission one stock that is not from a legitimate source.

:bulletred: Submitted in the wrong folder.

:bulletred: Don't have 3 or more stock images in your manipulation or have not done a very good job with blending, lighting, composition, etc. with your 1-2 elements.

if there is not more than 3 elements or a good manipulation with 2 elements. your submissions will be declined, because a true manipulation has to have more than 2-3 images manipulated.

Some important Deviant FAQs

:bulletblue: FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?

:bulletblue: FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?

:bulletblue: FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

:bulletblue: FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

:bulletblue: FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines?

Weekly Members Feature

Fri Nov 28, 2014, 4:23 PM



Weekly Members Feature

Promoting our Members


A Storm Inside by Shirokibo
Be Free by Walking-TallI Blinked And The World Was Gone by shadeley
I see the world the way it is... by Dark-Indigo
The Gentle Giant by LaviniaChuBirds Of Paradise by theheek
Mourning Dove by msfowle
The dreaming tree by RazielMBForest dream by JennyLe88
Sky by Chihir0-chan
Love letter @ night by ElsapretFairies Symphony 2014 by nudagimo
Nature Lost by ark4nDream of Immortality by MySweetDarkness
Divine Beauty by LeenaHill
The Light Inside Of Me by Lolita-ArtzCity rain by pankreas67
Eastern Snake Necked Turtle by Charmed-Ravenclaw
Smell Of Spring by puppet-soulBath of the nymphs by KangTengri
Rainy Night in Rome by annewipf
Poison by TheDreamBelowUnicorn Falls by KaiyaAquamarine

Beautiful Works from our Gallery

Some of the Best Submissions


Mine's Bigger Than Yours by pjenzSecret Garden by Gwendolyn1
Simply Bliss by xLocky
obscure window by youlakouDevil's Ghost ! by DARSHSASALOVE
Deep Allure by SweediesArt
Stalking by Blood-fridgeChristine by Lvxion
The Gate by Rowye
The-last-one-to-remember-you by passion-aestheteI see hell in your eyes.. by MoonRoseEternity
First breath of winter by Gejda
Twi'lek by TalXorFireTranquility by ManifestedSoul
Tangled by JiaJenn31
On Edge by StandoutloudPastel Souls - I by fatal-kitty
Retribution2 by revande
Winter walk by annemaria48Kitties in the magic garden by Kibblywibbly
the nocturnal harmony ...of wood by naradjou14
Tranquillity by Lolita-ArtzPeek-a-boo by shadeley
Always by your side by Ideasplayer
Mourning Child by SweediesArtLadder to Heaven by Cold-Tommy-Gin

Coding by UJz
More Journal Entries

Photomanipulation of the Week


Light Door by Helderjose


The Golden Key by Sisterslaughter165


Raven by Brumae-Art


Fearless by Rexionete

Countdown to Time for the next Weekly Member Feature

Friday, December 12th @ 2:58pm

in all months have the weekly journal, with an interval of two weeks.

Our Calendar - weekly

Attention to our Weekly Activities

:bulletblue: Every week (with an interval of two weeks)
Manipulations of the week (four works), displayed on the front page.

:bulletblue: In all Months have the Weekly Journal, with an interval of two weeks.
weekly journal, with the works of members, some of the best submissions of the week.
and also the four manipulations of the week, which also will be shown in the journal.

:bulletblue: and for the month other little activities, such as
Special Feature with Unknown Manipulations with less Exposition.

Gallery Folders

Journal - Blogs and Affiliate contests
Old Contests


The Founder


Co- Founder








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